Staff Virtual/Online Resources

This page provides some tips and resources for how best to set-up your virtual world.

There are two big differences when working online as opposed to working in school.

The first is security. Users need to be extra careful to ensure that they are giving access to the appropriate people and that they are not posting information to the general public. Links to virtual meetings should only be shared with students and/or parents through email, Google Classroom, SeeSaw, etc. The links should not be shared in a place that is accessible by the general public.

The recent increase in “Zoombombing” is a perfect example of the importance of security. Zoombombing is when a virtual meeting is created but the security settings are not set adequately. This can occur when using any meeting software (e.g., Zoom or Google Meet). Given that many of our meetings now include students, security is necessary. The links on the right side provide information on establishing secure settings for both Zoom and Meet.

The second difference is speed. During the pandemic there has been a tremendous surge in the use of online tools. The speed with which these tools work is impacted by numerous factors; the speed of your device, the speed of your home connection, amount of users on the site you are using and the number of users online. Given the number of users online it is no wonder things are running slower than normal. Especially due to the amount of streaming video being watched. Streaming video is a resource “pig” and slows everything down. There are a couple of things you can do to adjust to this new pace. First, be patient. Whatever site you are working on will catch up, it just needs a little more time. Second, try to work in a consistent environment. The more programs, apps and windows you have open will only stress your devices resources and slow everything down. 

The links on the right side provide some tips and resources to help you navigate the online world. Our hope is that by following these tips your experience will be positive and safe for all those involved.

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