Grades 6-8 G&T

Grover Middle School
6-8 Gifted & Talented Teacher Resource Specialist & PRISM Program Facilitator
Justin Dolcimascolo-Garrett, 609-716-5250, extension 2683

Community Middle School
6-8 Gifted & Talented Teacher Resource Specialist & PRISM Program Facilitator
Dr. Rebecca McLelland-Crawley, 609-716-5000, extension 5117

PRISM stands for Performance Revealing Individual Student Magic. The name reveals the philosophy as well as the intent of the programming offered for interested students at Community Middle School and Grover Middle School. PRISM supports students' intrinsic motivation to go beyond the classroom, as they follow their interests and capitalize on their abilities. Regardless of what students choose to pursue, all PRISM undertakings incorporate research, problem solving, and communication skills. 

In Grade 6, all students are introduced to the PRISM philosophy and the opportunities PRISM offers. In Grades 7 and 8, all students are welcome to attend PRISM-for-All classes, offered during Flex periods, throughout September and early October. Students are encouraged to explore what PRISM offers so they can make an informed decision about participation in PRISM.

Programming is offered with the intent of having a range of appeal for intellectual interests, while maintaining a focus on our District Strategic Goals. Through PRISM time, students connect with like-minded peers, facilitating social-emotional growth. PRISM provides another opportunity for learning outside the regular classroom as students apply research, problem solving, and communication skills. Our focus is on real-world problem solving where an authentic audience evaluates student growth and performance. 

Please contact the Teacher Resource Specialists directly for more information about the PRISM offerings.

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